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Author:  nbiresev [ Thu Jan 02, 2020 11:20 pm ]
Post subject:  solution for changing Graphics and Captchas ... r-network/

I have read that ACR is combating bots by changing graphics frequently. Once they change graphics,
fully automatic bots that were playing using OCR will not able to play until bot is adjusted which takes sometimes weeks unless you have a big team for OCR. They see after changing graphics who suddenly stopped playing, and before had high volume.
The only solution i see for this, is either to have community for OCR so that new e.g. table map is created in very short time and shared to community, or that the table data is read differently, e.g. using cheat engine to read from memory.

Anyone has idea to overcome this issue if more sites start doing it?

Another issue is that they use captchas from google, so only humans can solve them. IT is not an issue for advisors because human clicks, but for fully automatic bot only way would be to notify human once captcha is recognized so that human solves the captcha within short time.

Author:  nefton [ Fri Jan 03, 2020 7:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: solution for changing Graphics and Captchas

That is good challenge for ocr botters :)
few minds.
1. If they change picture a little (few pixels) - not enought to peoples get stress, but enought to broke any tablemap. -> I have long been ready for this. good ocr it is not just pixel compare.

2. When somthing strange happen on a table - first what you need is image of it to analize what happens and if investigation is started. This room are to stupid, and update new graficks to all clients, so you can watch anytime if somthing changed. But when they be a little clever they will change current hand, and then change it back. Are you soft able to save last frames? ;) My - yes and long ago :)

3. Main problem that rooms try to solve - is compare bots are runing (+ rake, but - reputation) and a force (power, hours, money) they want to spend to fight botters.
Big rooms like pokerstars, whitch realy fight against bots - newer will say how they do it. Every banned account and letters - no one details here or proof. And it is realy reasonly, if you realy want to beat them. But this article describes how they already (in stupid way) fight the bots, and how they will do it in future. They already got their goal (+ reputation) -> no need to spend mutch money in this direction more.

Author:  nbiresev [ Sat Jan 04, 2020 12:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: solution for changing Graphics and Captchas


Yes my bot also saves frames and sends email with attachment and description what it couldn't scrape or what it invalid scraped, so i can be early enough notified, the issue is that once they completely change graphics, it is not just pixels looking a bit differently so it takes more time.
Sure if they change pixels just a bit, even table maps will still work, i doubt that your poker ocr would work if they change look of fonts completely.
Also early noticing that fonts changed is not enough, because if you need 2 weeks to adjust bot, they will notice that high volume player suddenly doesn't play right after the update, and will flag it and investigate, require to record video. At least that is what they claim.

Regarding changing graphics just for few hands, i agree it is more efficient way of detecting bots. i have experienced such thing on party poker before my bots got banned there. I had around 12 winning accounts there, and i saw on few accounts while playing that one of tables changed size just a bit and fonts looked around 25% bigger suddenly. My bot instantly resized the table to correct size but fonts still looked differently and bot folded good hand, and send me to email the frame so i could see that font looked totally different. After that they banned accounts.

Not sure if pokerstars is not telling how they fight bots. E.g. few months ago i reported 2 fish players for doing collusion, they investigated and after few hours said it was not collusion they just play randomly, and they explained me in detail how they fight collusion. So it could be that if you ask them as a long time player how they fight bots that they would answer it, as they likely want players to feel safe by seeing that they have methods to fight bots.

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