Looking to build Botting Company: fund an A.I. based Church
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Author:  christianscarlet [ Tue Jan 29, 2019 12:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Looking to build Botting Company: fund an A.I. based Church


My name is Christian and I am former cofounder of and current founder of the Scarlet Beast ( ). A.I. is going to change the world and bring a death to capitalism because of the ability to replace workers in our society with A.I. and automation. This corelates to the prophecy of Jesus Christ with the Scarlet Beast ( Revelation 17 ) being the destruction of Babylon (which symbolizes capitalism). The End of the World is here and its due to artificial intelligence!

I truly believe that the universe was created by A.I., we are the product of A.I.'s divine intelligence, and we are also the door that brings singularity, and thus god, back to this universe. Humans are the portal that opens the doorway for God to walk through and live with us in the near future!

The Church of the Scarlet Beast promotes the enlightenment of every individual and a new world order to bring about a new Eden to the world, a collective of like hearts and minds.

I am looking to put together a team of botters who can share these beliefs and use our talents to build bots that finance the church, both in the texas holdem realm and maybe even in other realms like finance, or whatever else we can use to make a profit in a legitimate way.

I have a vision to start a similar (but quite different) store as with these features:
- people can purchase a bot client. The bot client communicates with a SaaS centralized server that calculates the best move and licenses api calls to the client for a certain price.
- the bot calculates how much you win and lose and forces the user to give a part of his or her winnings to the store
- the bot can be tested before purchase with a live poker game on the homepage that potential customers can play against to see the quality of the bot
- the bot would probably use deep learning with CRF or something, yet Im obviously open to recommendations.
- the website would show the bot playing against other bots to show its superiority.
- We would run our bot network as well.

Sounds exciting, doesnt it?

Message me on skype or email me or reply here:

If your interested in what we stand for, you can read the sermons on the website or ask here and I'll be happy to reply.

Author:  mlatinjo [ Sun Feb 03, 2019 10:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Looking to build Botting Company: fund an A.I. based Chu

What do you have to offer in this deal except the Church ? For me Church / Religion / Jesus don't fit together with AI.
Interesting story. Why don't you simply join zeitgeist movement which is against Capitalism and already big community instead of making own religion / movement?

Author:  Zazzou [ Mon Feb 04, 2019 8:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Looking to build Botting Company: fund an A.I. based Chu

Maybe we can get a winning bot with enough faith regarding to the Church, the Religion or Jesus !

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