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 Post subject: Welcome & Important Rules to Read
PostPosted: Thu Apr 09, 2009 3:07 pm 
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Welcome to the online botting forums. This post is applicable to all forums under Online Botting category (i.e. these).

First, as a reminder, we define online bots as software programs built to automatically play or just to support (augment) your decision making in online poker (and other) games for real money. In order to avoid misunderstandings, please stick to this definition when talking about bots in this forum.

Hence, this forum will consolidate all discussions regarding:
  • Legality and morallity of developing bots that play for real money
  • Discussions on the terms of services of the various pokersites
  • Discussions on how widespread bots are in online games
  • Discussions on if and how sites can detect bots
  • Discussions and code related to development of bots (including advisors, huds and so on)
  • Third party bots for playing on online sites, etc.
  • Controversial topics that might be against the terms of services agreements of some poker sites (bots including HUDs and various advisors, modding images or reverse engineering poker software clients, using services like PokerEdge, tableratings, and so on).

If you are reading this forum, there are several things you need to be aware (some are just a reminder to the terms of service that you signed, explained in more simple words):
  • Gambling involve risk. We don't ask you to gamble or in particular play online poker. We think it's great fun, but you need to be aware that many people are losing money out of having fun like that.
  • You need to be well aware of your local laws regulating online gambling in your country. Online poker might be illegal on first place in your country. These laws may impose various restructions in the way you [can] play poker, what kind of support you use, and so on. E.g. Nevada Gaming commission makes illegal the usage of any software in B&M casinos, while software is prevalent and used by almost every player in online poker (just to understand how far rules can be from each other). We might have discussions on this, but we have not (and are not required to, so in short, we don't care - you have to care) of all local laws and regulations that exists in the jurisdiction, from which you access this website.
  • We are not advising you to break the Terms of Service of any website or service. These terms of services vary a lot. For example, bots are allowed on the largest venues where you can play other games of skills like chess, or forex trading, while the largest pokersites allows only limited support of bots. For example they will allow usage of scripts that automate your betting upon your request, some of them will allow auto-folders software, all of them (that we know of) will allow you to use 3rd party software that aids decision making, but some of them will try to classify it in different ways. Further examples are that some sites will allow HUDs (Heads up display software) while others don't, some will allow you to use realtime advisors, others don't, some will allow you to use 3-rd party services (like tableratings), or datamining, other won't. We don't care for any particular business ToS, especially for ones we never agreed to, but we are not advising anyone or want to help anyone in breaking such Terms of services.
  • As far as laws are concerned, we would not tolerate any activities that are illegal under our local jurisdiction (just to name a few - copyright infridgements, hacking, and so on). Note that reverse engineering poker clients (except possibly the network protocol) would most often fall under the copyright infridgement.
  • As far as morals are concerned, we would not tolerate discussion on any topic that we consider cheating in business-agnostic point of view, that is tools and techniques that provide one with unfair advantage from game theory point of view (e.g. collusion in poker)

As a simple reference for you, here are the Terms of Services of some of the popular pokersites:

If you believe any thread in these forums is violating the terms of services of any particular site or business, please e-mail us at with subject "Violation of 3rd party terms of service/EULA", provide us with the information of what you believe is violated, how, and as well as where (give us a link to the respective thread) and we will work with you to resolve this (possibly simply remove this thread). Similarly, and easier for you, you can complain about this in the post itself (Use "report the post" with a reason), PM to an admin here, or create a thread about this in About the Forums.

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