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 Post subject: Whats to come: SNGEGT Bot with openent modeling
PostPosted: Tue Sep 21, 2010 12:51 am 
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Hey all, I will be realeasing this shortly. Anyone interested in getting a pm when its released just pm me.

I bought icmbot ages ago and I have to say it was utterly useless, so I have done a better version. This acts just like any bot but it also calculates exploitive ranges based on players VPIP (for push mode) and PFR (for call mode). It uses PokerTracker atm, may add holdem manager if people request that.

Currently fully working for 9max games and soon will add 10max and 6max before releasing. Also if I can find a better way to collect player info from hand histories then it can also play any sng/mtt (you need a very fast pc tho as alterations to blinds/big stack sizes for icm makes for bigger calculations)

Can anyone think of anything else they would want in a bot like this? In theory it should now play perfect push/fold poker. Its great to see it adjust to tight players in the blinds(shoving way more hands) etc.

It doesnt make any mistakes unlike icmbot which loved to shove any hand , really mad me cringe. It will also overcall QQ+ if multiple allins which I believe is correct, and shove AKo+ JJ+ in limped pot)

Heres a pic of what it currently looks like (you have to set an optimal vpip and pfr eg 18-22 and it makes its calculation per point under and over(depending if player is tight/loose/optimal) - so if someone is a vpip of 10 it will shove more hands than a vpip of 14 etc etc)

Any suggestions welcome!!


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