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 Post subject: Question about valueToHand array and handIndexToHand method
PostPosted: Mon Oct 05, 2009 9:35 pm 
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Hi everyone,
First of all, I'd like to express my gratitude to those who have developped SNGEGT in java language (my favorite one :xx20 )

I'm currently trying to understand the whole thing and I'm focusing on the icm class.
I have 2 questions.

First, what is the valueToHand array ? Where do those numbers come from ?
And second, the handIndexToHand() method is built upon the valueToHand array. I've tested the result of the method with 3 different values of handIndex parameter:

    handIndex: 0 gives hand(0): 11 hand(1): 12 (which translates to AKs)
    handIndex: 20 gives hand(0): 2 hand(1): 25 (which translates to A4o)
    handIndex: 100 gives hand(0): 0 hand(1): 14 (which translates to 23o)
    if handIndex > 100 => problem !

So I guess handIndex is about topx% of hand. Right ? (it's a bit confusing because handIndex has a very different meaning in another method of the icm class (see myHandIndex in oppPercentages() for example).
The result of the method handIndexToHand() is a hand, but I don't understand the result :oops:
For example with handIndex = 20 (top 20%) we have A4o as a result. What are we to do with this ?
If I take Pokerstove and search fort top20%, I will have the following result : 66+,A4s+,K8s+,Q9s+,J9s+,T9s,A9o+,KTo+,QTo+,JTo
Seems weird ?

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