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 Post subject: AI author / bot user contract
PostPosted: Sun Nov 04, 2007 6:51 pm 
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I take this here, out of the general forum.

pantsdown wrote:
I think loudion meant taking a small % of winnings rather than a fixed fee per hand, I think this would be a better option as this encourages the bot owner to improve on it so he gets more money, where if he gets 1c per hand he has no incentive to improve it, only incentive to find more users.

There are many many ways contact can be negotiated. There is identification/audentication Id as part of the opening the socket, and session afterwars. The bot providers/users can negotiate payment scheme they like.

Bot author may, or may not require that the ACTUAL game info is transferred (the REAL game id, players names, etc -> which might not be neccasssary for taking the correct decision).

So for example the contract can be based on the blind limits (hence the above is relevant, if the user will want, or be forced to send the limits correctly, and of course bot author can verify this).

I think a share based model can still be negotiated with this scheme, and the hand exchange is again the mean to make such contract feasible (that can be trusted).

I think one of the biggest concerns with this idea however is that if the bridge from a pokerbot server to openholdem is made open source anyone is able to have profitable bot working as soon as they have an agreement done with the bot owner.

But it is the same - why you have openholdem? So if you start to question that this bridge has to be open source, then you question open holdem being opensource. However, I can easily imagine that if noone wants to implement this open soruce, there might be people to implement this and sell it.

In the worse case I can implement this bridge (or someone else non expert of WH), but everyone is free to come with better and less buggy implementation (that he sells), or put some additional featurs, e.g. table hoppers, etc. But the whuser.dll bridge is simply something that need to be commonly available, there are other things for the people to differentiate.

In the current situation using private client\server setups it still takes a lot of work to get a pokerbot working even if using a bot server for the decisions. Is it a good thing or bad thing to make it so easy for people to have a profitable bot?

OK .... here is this a good or bad thing I don't know, I tend to think it's a good thing. As it will allow people to focus and make money out of what they do best - hoppers, scrapers, AI, etc. and the protocol provides reliable model for this.


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