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 Post subject: From WH PMs
PostPosted: Fri Apr 25, 2008 1:56 pm 
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Stev wrote:

What about this [ref Open Poker Protocol]?
Is this project still open ?


Indiana wrote:
there wasn't much going on after the initial start.

You can find here all about it:

And then it goes:

Stev wrote:
I'm a new user of WH, I have read in the forum about it some years ago.
The first time I was without time to come into WH.

Now I have little time because I'm working full time in my company, it's a SEO company and we own more than 50 sites.

Anyway the WH idea is interesting and attractive.
After read a lot in the forum, I think it's very hard to reach good results (solid winning bot), this seem to be very sophisticated!


I believe it's possible to make it like as anything related to computers/programming, nothing is impossible.

The question should be... How hard is it ?
For sure this will request a lot of time and a good investment on it, trying something in real tables will cost a good amount of money.

There're some influential facts,

1) The site where you play (maybe insignificant)
2) The game you choose [Ring games (FL,PL,NL) - MTT - SNG]
3) The limit of table where play (high limits for a solid bot will generate high profits plus high rakebacks)
4) The strategy, a simple bot have a good strategy, a solid bot have multiple strategies.
5) The others players (a solid bot level 6 will take care about it, profiling others players and there's an advantage because it's much easy to profiling using a bot)
6) The number of bots that you have in the same table, it's not the same if you have than two. They can share the cards and play together (it's a good way to go, very effective if it's sophisticated).
7) The time playing (if it's losing, should stop losing trying another table)

There're two ways that I see possible to make profits from it,

1) Make a semi-winner bot that tend to win in the long run (plus rakebacks), this could be a nice idea if you have a infrastructure and can run it on many computers. This type of bot could be able to play FL at ring games, MTT or SNG, never good to play PL/NL at ring games. (Your idea is very applicable here).

2) Make a solid winning bot (Level 6), it's the strong bot and the end of any bot. Ths bot could be called WINNER!
The bot will be able to play any game, even NL tables.
The only problem is the time to take it done, this will request a lot of time (more than one year) and a good investment on it. This could be available for a team of programmer/developers who can work altogether on it.
It's the strong way to go with your idea.


Your idea sounds good and it's not hard to be implemented.
The point here is make a winner, even a semi-winner (the ongoing improvements could make it a solid winner).

I'll continue learning and trying to take a winning bot, but your idea sounds good and maybe in a future we can make anything together.

The first thing is make a winner, I'm going...


P.S. I can move this to some other forums, depends on if there is any development.


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