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Written by Indy   
I haven't been active in the forums in the last 2+ years (And had no time even reading it, apart from reacting on complains and some PMs), and I have no time to continue with the maintainance and hosting of the forum (And it is actually hitting some limits and needs upgrades, for which I have even less time). I realize some of you might be disappointed, not too much due to the random or technical discussions but rather that the forum has accumulated some good and valuable PokerAI research, resources and threads.

So, it's time to pull the plug. I would like to thank to all the mods, members, and occasional lurkers in this forum for making it a nice place. In the last 2 years, especially @spears deserves kudos for his integrity, mod work and help to the newbies. He has also stepped in and decided to continue the adventure (hosting the forums, and offering an archive of this website) on a new place:

I wish all of you fun in exploring the Poker AI topics in the future - and all the best!
P.S. Thanks for all the positive feedback in the thread and by e-mail after the forum closure was announced. I post here just one such: "I also want to thank Indy and everyone else who has made this an incredible resource for research and education. It will be great if we can keep this alive."
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Written by Indiana   
Image I wish I was that much into poker when I was a student. Or my advisors and the department I was in were more creative in applying science. Years later when I see that a student did his bacheloror master thesis on poker I think of one thing. Not how useful university was for him, or how useless it was, I think of just that he had fun studying. And we had fun being part of that: The author of An Artificial Intelligence Agent for Texas Hold'em Poker Patrick McCurley writes in his chapter with acknolwedgements: "One of my biggest sources of inspiration and ideas came from regulars of the ‘PokerAI’ forums ( Not only did they provide a centralised library of useful material and offer an incredible amount of hand history samples in which to apply my solution to, I always felt assured that I could post my ideas or questions knowing that they would be answered by a group of highly intelligent experts in the domain".
And judging his work academically: From what I've seen so far this would be my future insta recommendation for people that just want to start with pokerbotting (next to Johanson's thesis), and before they are into it enough to recommend them the more cutting edge stuff.
One Billion Poker Hands for Research PDF Print E-mail
Written by Indiana   

Image PokerAI has now released one billion real money (cash games) poker hand histories. Free, and for research purposes only. We have obfuscated these hands, as we would like to make sure that these hands are not used for opponent profiling, or to otherwise augment real money poker play. The hands have been collected with the help of many volunteers, as well as commercial datamining services (, etc.). If you like to learn more read about this in our forums.
Pokerbotting: Legal and Moral, says The Guardian PDF Print E-mail
Written by Indiana   

Image The Guardian, one of the most respected UK newspapers published a recent article on pokerboting, namely, that Pokerbotting ain't illegal. "Does pokerbotting imply that you're breaking the law? The short answer is no." - writes Robert Blincoe after consulting with laywers. Using pokerbot might be a breach of contact of some casinos that has decided to not allow pokerbots, but even on these sites breaching the ToS isn't something desiring special attention. "If breaching T&Cs is a crime, almost everyone's doing it." says the article. The underlying problem here is that cheating in online games is normally defined as business specific, instead of having a common, scientific game theory and computer science based definition of that. Such would clearly separate activities like botting, which does not give unfair advantage from game theory standpoint, from cheating: like collusion or client/server hacking that provides one with such advantage.
Not only Brits has developed the most elaborated laws with regard to regulating gambling, but they are also clearly ahead with better educated journalism.
PCPlus on Pokerbots and PokerAI PDF Print E-mail
Written by Indiana   

Image "Terry Manhattan discovers how using software analytical tools and artificial intelligence makes for a more interesting game", PCPlus, from June 2008. We just found another article featuring pokerbots as well as the number one organized pokerbotting community, This time it was in the UK's PCPlus magazine. You can read sample preview of this article here, or comment on it in our forums.

Coding The Wheel PDF Print E-mail
Written by Indiana   
Image Blasting the status quo from its first article, CodingTheWheel is here to stay. The author has put already more than ten interesting, informative, and well-thought poker and pokerbotting articles, a jump start for any newbie in his poker botting career.
2+2 Best Botter Award (most vocal anyways) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Indiana   
Image I think I just got the 2+2 best botter award: "Indiana is probably the biggest (well most vocal anyways) pro botter on 2+2". Thank you, ty, mam, dad, tyvm. Special thanks go to my producers of course - PokerStars, for giving me their support when I most needed it.
PokerAI Terms of Service Agreement PDF Print E-mail
Written by Indiana   
Image After the PokerAI terms of service agreement was updated (so that employees working for online poker provider companies are not allowed to browse it), our ToS was already breached by PokerStars. Following our obligation to take the integrity of our website seriously, we have send them a warning notice.
Heads-up Limit Mastered by bots PDF Print E-mail
Written by Indiana   
Image The second Man vs. Machine match took place on July 3-6, where a lineup of elite players from, an internet poker training site, went head to head with the latest version of Polaris, a poker AI designed by the University of Alberta’s Computer Poker Research Group ( Polaris won with a final record of 3-2-1, and provided the CPRG with their first win over human opponents. The CPRG had created a similar event last year against professionals Phil Laak and Ali Eslami where Polaris finished with a final record of 1 win, 2 losses, and 1 tie. Read more in the Stoxpoker press release. on pokerbots PDF Print E-mail
Written by Indiana   
Image The Danish poker magazine published an article on pokerbots, almost ten pages long, following info collection from PokerAI Wiki and interviewing people in the pokerAI forums. The final article got published, and your can view some of it (collage and interview with Indiana) as well as read the english translation of the interview in this thread.
Update: The article and the interview was later on reprinted in full in the German edition of AceMag. Scanned version is available (search and ask in the forums). I would, by the way, really recommend the AceMag magazine, and subscribed for it myself. It's better than any other junk that you would locally get in German language.
PokerAI Wiki PDF Print E-mail
Written by Indiana   
Image The PokerAI Wiki is now up and running. Join and help to build the complete reference that will cover all aspects of computer poker play:, or
OpenHoldem Announced PDF Print E-mail
Written by Indiana   
Image Article edited: March 2008.
Since the initial announcement OpenHoldem picked up a lot of traction, surpasing in popularity its starting point, the WinHoldem bot framework. OpenHoldem is open source, hence completely free. The authors initially claimed full backward compatibily with WinHoldEm, and soon started to extend it with many new unique features. The OpenHoldem documentation and casino support already exceeds the one of WinHoldem too. The main links (e.g. OpenHoldem Webpage and download sections; OpenHoldem forums, and so on) can be found at
Pokerbot World Championship (PWBC) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Indiana   
Image The guy on the picture? It's Matrix. One of the "bots", that got kicked out early and failed to make history during the first real money, open to any human or bot live digital poker event - Poker bot world championship (PBWC). The official results are here and if you want to get some impressions of the event, follow the action in that thread. Well, I can only regret that this year I missed PWBC event (as well as Alberta's bot only event earlier). Something to definetely plan for next year.
Hand History Exchange PDF Print E-mail
Written by Indiana   
Image hand history exchange and ftp is up and running. Two options are available. You can get access and download all publicly available hand histories, and contribute as many or as little hands as you wish. Alternatively, if you contribute 500k datamined hands, you will get access to the full private hand history collection (that also contain all 500k submisions).
Read more here.
HCI: Button clicking PDF Print E-mail
Written by Indiana   
Image Clicking on one and the same pixel everytime easily reveals automated play. But is the human behaviour modeled better if the computer bot is randomly clicking on the button? The answer is - no. When a human clicks, the distance from the click to the center of the button follows normal distribution, and not uniform.
BluffBot 2.0 winning strategy PDF Print E-mail
Written by Indiana   
Image This is not exactly an article, but a reference to a newsletter that is promising a lot of action in the next two weeks. BluffBot (the winner in the 2007 computer poker bot competition of Alberta) author Teppo Salonen is going to have ten issues in the next two weeks (roughly one per day) on the bot strategy. Register to read the rest of the article.
Winning poker bots and the 90-10 belief PDF Print E-mail
Written by Indiana   
Image Winning pokerbots are not common. It is a common opinion that 85-95% of all poker bots are losing bots (which is about the amount of losing poker players in general). We launched a small project to find out if this is correct. The early indications are, that it will be confirmed.
You need to login (register) to read the full article.

Jam/Fold - Called? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Indiana   
Image If you go all in 3700 times with short stack on the microlimits tables, what hands will call you? Here it is --
AK: 6.32%, AQ: 5.02%, AA: 3.77%, KK: 3.93%, and ... 77-22: 8.74% :-) Register to download the full statistics.
The best site to run your bot? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Indiana   

This article is removed. It was originally written humoriously, what you would (in an internet forum) call "a level". It was, however, causing some confusion to unaware and uneducated internet players, at which point we decided to better pull it off.

The poll (which you can see on the right) is still up and running, thou. It does not pretend to reflect any truth, or be representative statistic sample. The poll is open to everyone, and there is very little control or auditing of the votes. There is no registration needed in order to vote, and the only thing the software (by default) does is preventing users from the same IP to vote more than once.

Strategy: EV & Bankroll PDF Print E-mail
Written by Indiana   
Image Only registered users have access to this article.
Do you know that? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Indiana   
Image ... When Party Poker installs the Poker Client on your PC, it also installs a Mouse Tracker, Keyboard Logger, hook to Messenger and screen capturing. Party's llh.dll track also other applications by installing hooks for certain windows API calls, and sends the collected data back to their servers. These are all means to help Party Poker to ensure "fair" play. Bot authors can use software like SnoopFree to block that (although modeling human play is better, usage of SnoopFree or ProcessGuard will raise flags). On the other hand - don't miss the chance to let all of your friends know how party breaks your privacy. I'm thinking soon to release a tool that demonstrates that. "It's not that we do not trust party, party will never abuse users. But with such powerful tracking software, any party employee can abuse the clients without being noticed".
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Written by Indiana   
Image Think about it -> register -> and contribute!
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