Open Poker Decision Protocol


Version 0.8, Nov 2007



This document is published and available under GNU Free documentation license.




[others to be included]


Chapter 1. Goals and Overall Architecture


The Open Poker Decision Protocol  is a client/server protocol specification that address the following major goals:


Some of the possible applications of the protocol are:


The following picture gives the overall architecture and highlights some of the possible applications:

Chapter 2. Protocol specification


[Draft, to be defined as part of the specification group]


Establishing connection:


Each request message of the protocol provides all information available to the frontend about the current poker hand [This has to be defined in details, as part of the working group]:


Each response message of the protocol contains [This has to be defined in details, as part of the working group]:

         Advised action: fold, check/call or raise (amount)



         Posting blinds, automatic blind posting, waiting for big blind, etc. are not poker decisions and are not specified as part of the protocol.


Chapter 3. Reference implementations


This chapter contains a list of publicly available reference implementations and bridges of the protocol.


Front-end bridges:


Backend implementations for end users:


Backend implementations for developers: